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At 704 Hemp, we pride ourselves on providing the safest, highest quality, and effective hemp and CBD products. We've helped thousands of people of all ages discover the benefits of hemp and CBD. But, don't just take our word for it, let our valued customers tell you in their own words!

Robert S.

Several months ago, Robert was diagnosed with a very aggressive case of Poison Sumac (think of it like poison ivy on steroids) that covered a large portion of his back, legs, and forearm. When he came to see us, he had been to see several dermatologists, tried several medications (with no luck) and was desperate for any relief. We recommended Revive by FeelTheReAction and he noticed relief quickly! Robert came back to visit us and his poison sumac was gone!

Melissa B.

Melissa was struggling with stress and anxiety due to work and daily life stress. Her stress and anxiety reached a point she started to struggle with sleeping. The lack of consistent sleep started affecting her day to day life. We recommended she try CBD gummies as a starting point and the results were positive. Melissa noticed a chnage for the better in just a few days!

I can't say enough positive words about the staff. They listen, they ask questions, and truly help their customers find the best solutions.

Sam F.

Nikki T.

Nikki suffers from severe pain and inflammation due to a degenerative disc disease. Because of this, Nikki had been robbed of many of life's simple tasks and pleasures. Something as common as walking her dogs around became unmanageable, and she was dependant upon a cane for even short travels. However, through a combination of CBD flower and CBD tincture, Nikki has found amazing relief and increased mobility!

Craig G.

Craig was struggling with severe anxiety issues. He had been taking two anxiety medications that had yet to produce effective results. His anxiety reached a point where he would wake up having a panic attack and it would not go away until he would go to bed. After explaining the different delivery methods of CBD, Craig decided to go with CBD flower. After only a week on CBD flower, he’s now off all anxiety medications!

Arin L.

Arin is a regular customer of ours who struggled with Chron's disease for his entire life. Tired of dealing with the pain, stress, and fatigue that comes with a 24/7 battle, Arin decided to give CBD a try. While Chron's is incurable, Arin says life is much more manageable since he started using hemp! Arin wanted to share his story to give others the hope and strength they need to advocate for themselves and their quality of life.

i love the selection of products 704 Hemp has. They have everything, literaly!

Amanda D.

Cameron H.

Cameron was struggling with anxiety and depression issues to the point his stomach would start to hurt. He started using Arch CBD oil and it helped him tremendously. Shocked at how well it worked, Cameron switched over from Arch to ReAction CBD oil for his immune system. His IGA Deficiency makes him susceptable to illness for extended periods of time. Since he started using CBD, he's noticed that he does not get sick as often or as long!

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