704 hemp delta 8 thc preroll hawaiian haze 3 pack
704 hemp delta 8 thc preroll hawaiian haze 5 pack
704 hemp hawaiian haze flower

704 Hemp

Delta 8 THC Preroll - 3ct / 5ct Hawaiian Haze - 704 Hemp

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Looking for that extra pick me up from a hemp joint? These Delta 8 THC pre rolls are a potent and perfect way to give you that extra kick you're looking for! Each joint is hand rolled with our premium house CBD flower sourced from local indoor grows and carefully infused with high grade Delta 8 THC distillate. Each joint is 1g, plenty to give you that relaxed body and mind sensation you're looking for!

  • 3 Pack or 5 Pack Pre Rolled 1g Joints
  • Indoor Grown
  • Cannabinoids: 19.91%
  • Delta 8 THC: 94%

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