haze exotics thc-a flower cement shoes 3.5g jar
haze exotics thc-a flower cement shoes detail

Haze Exotics


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Haze Exotics - Limited Edition / Small Batch Flower

Cement Shoes, also known as "Concrete Shoes" and "Concrete Slippers," is a strong indica marijuana strain made by crossing Animal Cookies with OGKB and Wet Dream. Much like the strain name suggests, Cement Shoes will make you feel like you're actually wearing shoes made of heavy cement. Cement Shoes is known for providing a full-body high that is sure to send you into an extended stay on the nearest sofa. The flavor of Cement Shoes is earthy and citrusy. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain for its anti-inflammatory properties. Cement Shoes is 22% THC, making it an ideal choice for cannabis consumers with a high THC tolerance.  

  • Indica
  • 3.5g Jar
  • Indoor Grown
  • THC-A: 21%

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